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A Complete Guide from Rehab to Recovery

“In the US over 20 million people seek treatment for substance abuse each year. Less than 10% receive the help they need.”

About The Book

This book by renown addiction counselor, Lucy Hall (founder/CEO of Mary Hall Freedom House, Inc.), is the complete guide to Addiction Recovery. The book provides priceless insight and guidance for addicts, loved ones, and the professional clinicians who help both. Hall unleashes profound wisdom, gained during her harrowing journey from addict to clinician, and her 30 years of sobriety and outstanding addiction counseling. She provides in-depth perspective on how to break generational cycles of addiction, homelessness and poverty. Get the guide you and your family need to overcome Addiction Emergencies when they strike.


Hope Village: Finding Recovery

Lucy and the Woman of Mary Hall Freedom House

About The Film

In the documentary, Lucy Hall, the founder of one of the nation’s most successful women’s treatment facilities, shares her story of generational addiction to help Georgia families. Mary Hall’s death launches her daughter Lucy into a journey of self-discovery. Lucy drops to the depths of self destruction with drugs and alcohol only to rise from the ashes and use what she learned to help other women like herself in their own recovery. HOPE VILLAGE: FINDING RECOVERY illustrates what it takes to survive addiction, one woman at a time.


Hope Village : EVENTS

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Hope Village – Movie Premiere & Book Release Party

Click Here Hope Village – Movie Premiere & Book Release Party on October 13th, in Los Angeles, CA. Hope Village is hosting our first book sale and film screening to benefit Mary Hall Freedom House and their work to advocate for recovery around the world. The program provides women with a full suite of services […]

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"Over 46% of Americans have family members or friends with current or past drug addictions"

Our mission is to inspire millions with the story of Mary Hall Freedom House, showcasing whats possible with recovery community organizations around the world. We invite you to join us in spreading this “good news message” in your communities, organizations, schools and houses of worship. It all starts with a conversation––leading to new thoughts, new actions, and new results in the lives of addicts, their family members, and the communities they live in. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!